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CHAPEL – surrounded with Christian Hope of the Resurrection
MAUSOLEUM – to honor and remember loved ones
FUNERAL HOME – full service with modest prices – sincere and gentle care – options to meet every need
NON-PROFIT MINISTRY – any funds received beyond our cost of operation go to missions and charity
ADVANCED PLANNING – relief for loved ones – guarantee prices – protect your estate – peace of mind

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Our Staff:

paulputnam webPaul Putnam

Manager/Funeral Director

Paul has been in the funeral industry since 2001 and a licensed minister since 1984.  He leads the Funeral Home ministry and provides sincere and gentle care through arrangements at the time of need and can also help you with planning in advance.

You can contact Paul by calling 425-939-1332 or email at cotr@cedarpark.org


Reclaiming Christian Burial for the Church
The Chapel of the Resurrection was founded by Pastor Joe Fuiten to reclaim Christian Burial for the Church. For twenty centuries, Christian burial has been one of the strong points for Christianity. The professionalization of the funeral experience and the lessening of church involvement has caused many Christians to abandon historic patterns.

Reclaiming Christian burial is part of rebuilding the fallen strength of Christianity
Cedar Park Church sponsors ministries for the Christian community. Cedar Park Christian School serves students from over 50 different churches. The Chapel of the Resurrection, like the School, is meant to serve the larger Christian community.

Reminding the Living of Our Assurance of the Resurrection
No other hope has brought more peace and comfort to God’s people than the assurance of the Resurrection. Jesus rose from the dead as the “firstfruits.” His resurrection and the promises of Scripture assure us that our bodies will rise when Jesus returns.
By choosing Christian burial, we are reminding our descendants that this life is not all there is. Even though the body dies, it shall rise again. Scripture tells us to comfort one another with these words. The assurance of the resurrection will be a comfort and source of hope to those who are left behind.

A Place to Inspire the Living
The classical architecture done in a modern style reminds us of our great heritage as Christians. The warm interior, covered with huge paintings of the life of Christ keeps the focus on Jesus, our eternal hope. The spectacular stained glass window behind the altar features the return of Christ and the New Jerusalem, so we might rejoice in the Salvation provided by our Lord. The natural light streaming in illuminates the whole building with the warmth of what God has provided.
Because of its beauty, the Chapel is not just a place for Funerals, but for special events like weddings. Lining the exterior at the back of the building are numerous crypts for casket entombment, and niches for placement of cremated remains. Modern cemeteries and mausoleums, in trying to appeal to secular clients and people of all religions, have lost the inspiration and hope of Christianity. Anticipating the Resurrection is at the core of what we believe. That hope is a great comfort and source of assurance. The Chapel of the Resurrection reminds the living of our faith, the priorities of our living, and the eternal rewards beyond our dying. It reclaims the hope that has motivated every generation of Christians since the beginning of the Church.
The Chapel fills a need for Christians who want to express their faith in distinctive Christian burial. But there are other reasons people give for choosing the Chapel:
“After we are gone, we want our loved ones, whenever they remember our burial or visit our grave, to find comfort and assurance in our absolute certainty of heaven.”
“With the steady increase in costs, we want to buy now before future costs make burial a burden.”
“We want to make decisions under relaxed circumstances, free from the emotional distress of waiting until it is needed.”
“We want to spare our families the difficult decisions and circumstances of having to deal with all the issues of burial at the time of need.”
“We can avoid the inclination toward emotional overspending as a result of sorrow or grief.”