Advance Planning

relief for loved ones ~ guarantee prices ~ protect your estate ~ peace of mind

Relief for Loved Ones
Even an expected death is painful and difficult for a family. Planning ahead cannot erase the pain, but it can ease the burden.  Often, because of grief, families do not make the wisest financial decisions. Excessive spending is common when people wait until the time of need to make important decisions about burial. Making decisions now, in a more relaxed atmosphere, will greatly ease the burden later.

Many of us don’t realize what details go into funeral arrangements unless we’ve had to do it for a loved one ourselves.  There are numerous decisions and statistical information needed before a burial or cremation can take place.  At the Chapel of the Resurrection we have easy-to-use forms that accumulate your information and we keep a copy secure in our files at no cost to your family.  Click on this Advance Planning link to fill out and send to us.

Guarantee Prices
Once you’ve purchased a Funeral Plan at today’s prices, the vast bulk of expense (including the services, casket or urn) is not only paid for, but guaranteed.  This not only alleviates those you love from the expense, but also the need to select items on a day already filled with grief.

Once you’ve paid for space at the Chapel of the Resurrection Mausoleum, that’s it!  Those left behind will only need to consider options such as epitaphs or pictures.

Ease the Burden
There are many more ways beyond the standard Funeral expense that you can lay aside for, including monies for the memorial book & folders, obituary notices, death certificates, flowers, honorariums, sales tax, etc.  Even though these details are not guaranteed, they can protect monies for your family to use and not force them to pay for them out of their own pocket.

Protect Your Estate
There are very few ways to keep investments active and out of the reach of governmental influence.  With the purchase of mausoleum property or a Funeral plan, you can be assured that monies paid in are protected.  There are laws that declare moneys used for final arrangements cannot be cashed out.

Peace of Mind
Most of us don’t want to even think about making arrangements for our own death, yet statistics show most of us believe it’s a good idea.  All agree that once you have established plans, it brings a peace of mind and allows you to live on.

For information on availability, prices, financing terms or other questions, please feel free to call 425-939-1332 or Email to schedule an appointment.