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An Economical Solution




Lining the back exterior of the Chapel of the Resurrection are hundreds of crypts for casket burial, niches for cremated remains and memorial cenotaphs.  Those coming to remember loved ones are inspired by the beautiful surroundings.

Many perceive this type of burial as too expensive, but with the vision of the Chapel of the Resurrection, the cost for Mausoleum space is very reasonable and commonly less expensive than ground burial.

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Crypts for caskets are configured for single, tandem for 2 caskets, or even “Westminster” crypts for up to 4 caskets.  The front of the crypts feature large granite shutters where inscriptions include full name, dates, individual & family epitaphs, photo options and a vase for flowers.

Niches for cremated remains are configured with single or companion spaces by section.  The front of the niches feature granite shutters as well and offer flexible inscriptions for name, dates, one line epitaph and also photos.

Memorial Cenotaphs have granite shutters and inscriptions identical to the niches, but for the purpose of remembering loved ones whose remains are not interred in the Mausoleum.  Whether burial took place a long distance away or scattering was selected for the remains, Cenotaphs are a wonderful option to provide a place to go and remember.

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